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Building Relationships in Excess and Secondary Steel
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To receive inquiries as a seller, you must first indicate your interest in receiving inquiries by identifying the shapes of Tube that you are interested in. You can also specify a radius from a city and state (or city and province in Canada) to receive inquiries for Tubes that are needed within that radius. The inquiries will be sent to you by email and will include the buyer's contact information. When a buyer prepares an inquiry, the company names of sellers who have indicated an interest in receiving inquiries will be listed and the buyer can choose to send the inquiry to some or all of the listed companies. Inquiries sent by email to you are also on the site on Inquiries You Received.
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You can identify a radius from a city and state (or city and province in Canada) so that only Offerings of Tube needed at a location within that radius is sent to you.

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