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Suppliers provide their inventory lists of available sheet offerings so we can combine them in a single location. Sheet buyers can search through the database of offerings of multiple suppliers to find the sheet they are looking for. The supplier's contact information is provided so a buyer can contact the supplier directly. All sheet listed is subject to prior sale.

Search our Multi-Supplier Inventory for Sheet.

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 374 items in 13 pages
CompanyTypeThicknessN/MWidthLengthWeightPiecesGradeCtg. Wht.RbCMnPrice $/cwtLocationTag No.
CompanyTypeThicknessN/MWidthLengthMWeightPiecesGradeCtg. Wht.RbCMnPrice $/cwtLocationTag No.
Page size:
 374 items in 13 pages
Target Steel Galvanneal.0017N63.875145.001,840  CS 74 .141 .845 Ann Arbor, MI354232
Description: MIC: .038/.039 Rb: 74 Yld: 46600 Ten: 65100 Elong: 30.20 C: 0.1410 Mn: 0.845 P: 0.009 S: 0.010 Si: 0.010 Al: 0.043 Nb: 0.002
Target Steel Galvanneal.0045N63.875145.004,920  CS 74 .141 .845 Ann Arbor, MI354231
Description: MIC: .038/.039 Rb: 74 Yld: 46600 Ten: 65100 Elong: 30.20 C: 0.1410 Mn: 0.845 P: 0.009 S: 0.010 Si: 0.010 Al: 0.043 Nb: 0.002
MST Steel Aluminized.014N521202506 DS-B 38 Ferndale, MIA55860J
Description: MIC: 0.0160/0.0170 RWB=38-38 H017L016
Premium Metals Galvanized.019M601201,35635 CLEVELAND,OH9081901
Target Steel Galvanized.0195N4896.002,600  DS 77 .059 1.913 Detroit, MI399910-08
Description: MIC: .018/.024 Rb: 77 Yld: 87900 Ten: 60700 Elong: 24.30 C: 0.0590 Mn: 1.913 P: 0.009 S: 0.003 Si: 0.026 Al: 0.035
Target Steel Galvanized.023M60120.002,700  CS 24 .04 .1 Detroit, MI397568-01
Description: MIC: .023/.031 Rb: 24 C: 0.0400 Mn: 0.100 P: 0.008 S: 0.006 Si: 0.020 Al: 0.038 Nb: 0.001
MST Steel Electro Galvanized.023N67.659693022 DS-B 60G60G 42 Ferndale, MIA50Y65B
Description: MIC: 0.0231/0.0235 RWB=42-43 H0235 L0231 BH180B 60G60GE NCTO
MST Steel Galvanized.0243N20721,100100 340LA Ferndale, MIA499Z0
Description: MIC: 0.0264/0.0275 H0275 L0264
MST Steel Galvanized.0248N67.71732.481,10073 CS-B 29 Roseville, MI565950
Description: RWB=29-29 BENT EDGE
MST Steel Galvanized.0248N67.71732.482,100140 CS-B 29 Roseville, MI56595X
Description: RWB=29-29 BENT EDGE
MST Steel Galvanized.0248N71.792721,17030 DS-B Roseville, MIR8689XZ
Description: MIC: 0.0250/0.0250 H026 L025
MST Steel Galvanized.025N67.33243.583043 DDS 29 Warren, MI574X78
Description: MIC: 0.0260/0.0260 RWB=29-29 H026 L026
MST Steel Galvanized.0258N69.5961,04019 BH210 60G/60G 45 Roseville, MI59YZZZ
Description: MIC: 0.0250/0.0260 RWB=45-45 H026 L025 GMW3032M-CR210B2 60G/60G PRELUBE
MST Steel Galvanized.0267N66.61962906 BH 41 Ferndale, MIA54406A
Description: MIC: 0.0269/0.0276 RWB=41-42 H0276 L0269 WAVY EDGES NEED 4"TO GET
MST Steel Galvanized.0267N67.32964508 DS-B 60G60G Ferndale, MIA54788A
Description: MIC: 0.0277/0.0279 H0279 L0277 DDS 60G60G NCT MED OIL
MST Steel Galvanized.027N49741,58058 BH210 48 Roseville, MIR896556
Description: MIC: 0.0270/0.0270 RWB=48-48 H027 L0265 SURFACE DENTS
MST Steel Galvanized.027N65.35449.4095,930240 BH 50 Warren, MIR877049
Description: MIC: 0.0270/0.0280 RWB=50-50 H027 L027 STRETCHER STAINS
MST Steel Galvanized.027N65.35449.4093,900158 BH 50 Warren, MIR877050
Description: MIC: 0.0270/0.0280 RWB=50-50 H027 H027 STRETCHER STAINS
MST Steel Galvanized.027N65.35449.40911,870480 BH 50 Warren, MIR87705Y
Description: MIC: 0.0270/0.0280 RWB=50-50 H029 L0265 STRETCHER STAINS
MST Steel Galvanized.027N65.35449.4092,930118 BH 50 Warren, MIR87705Z
Description: MIC: 0.0280/0.0280 RWB=50-50 H029 L0265 STRETCHER STAINS
MST Steel Galvanized.0272N66.661201,08015 DDS 36 Ferndale, MIAZ747ZF
Description: MIC: 0.0272/0.0276 RWB=36-37 H0276 L0272
Target Steel Galvanized.0276N56.367.524,0802 DDS 26 .002 .063 Riverview, MI438613-08
Description: MIC: .026/.029 Rb: 26 Yld: 23500 Ten: 44100 Elong: 50.60 C: 0.0020 Mn: 0.063 P: 0.006 S: 0.008 Si: 0.005 Al: 0.038
Target Steel Electro Galvanized.0279N48.8225.98550  EDDS 26 .002 .1 Riverview, MI442103-02
Description: MIC: .028/.030 Rb: 26 Yld: 22000 Ten: 43100 Elong: 46.30 C: 0.0020 Mn: 0.100 P: 0.008 S: 0.009 Si: 0.004 Al: 0.044 Nb: 0.001
Target Steel Galvanized.028M61.8161.8110,4002 EDDS 29 .002 .07 Detroit, MI419469-01
Description: MIC: .028/.034 Rb: 29 Yld: 22800 Ten: 43600 Elong: 51.70 C: 0.0020 Mn: 0.070 P: 0.005 S: 0.009 Si: 0.007 Al: 0.037 Nb: 0.001
MST Steel Galvanized.028N72961,08017 DDS 60G/60G 36 Roseville, MI594Y84
Description: MIC: 0.0280/0.0290 RWB=36-36 H029 L028 GMW2M-CR3 60G/60G
MST Steel Galvanized.0284N68.8529.694051 DDS 23 Ferndale, MIA576YZA
Description: MIC: 0.0300/0.0310 RWB=23-23 H031 L030 BAD EDGES
Premium Metals Galvanized.029M481202,12044 cleveland,oh9081902
Description: g90 ms ctd clean
Sun States Steel Corp Galvanized.029M60.06396.3753,88582 DS-B 55 .029 .21 Pendergrass, GAA-360382
Description: (G90 CT Dry) - Subject to Lite White Rust (Wet Tarp) C: 0.0290 Mn: 0.210 P: 0.008 S: 0.002 Si: 0.020 Al: 0.020 B: 0.002 Cr: 0.028 Cu: 0.100 Mo: 0.007 Ni: 0.033 Ti: 0.001 V: 0.001
MST Steel Galvanized.029N68.37574.557014 DDS 37 Roseville, MI5884Y4
Description: RWB=37-38 H0287L0287 LENGTHS FROM 74.500 TO 74.875 LONG
Target Steel Galvanized.03M4449.009,810  DDS 31 .006 .055 Riverview, MI414194
Description: MIC: .030/.031 Rb: 31 Yld: 22500 Ten: 44800 Elong: 46.30 C: 0.0060 Mn: 0.055 P: 0.006 S: 0.001 Si: 0.036 Al: 0.058

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