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Your Do Not Email List (Offering and Inquiry)

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Offerings or Inquiries on Steel Spider are sent to those who sign up with an interest in receiving them. On the page where you describe your Offering or Inquiry you can limit those who will receive your Offerings or Inquiries by a distance from a Zip or Postal Code.

This Do Not Email List will let identify those email addresses that your Offerings or Inquiries should NOT be sent to. You can use this to avoid sending your Offerings or Inquiries certain email addresses should you find out that they are receiving unnecessary copies from another mailing by you or someone else in your company.

You can also identify email addresses that you do not want to receive Offerings or Inquiries from. This allows you to avoid receiving Offerings or Inquiries from those who do not deal in the products you deal in. It can also be used to avoid receiving Offerings or Inquiries through Steel Spider when you are already receiving them through another source.

While the Do Not Email List can help manage your email communication, it may not be able to completely prevent unwanted or unnecessary emails from being sent or received.

Enter the email address that you want to block and can optionally provide a name or note to go with it. There are 4 check boxes that control which emails are blocked.
  • Block Offerings you send from being sent to the email address
  • Block Inquiries you send from being sent to the email address
  • Block Offerings from being sent to you by the supplier using the email address
  • Block Inquiries from being sent to you by the supplier using the email address
This feature only applies to Offering and Inquiry email sent using Steel Spider. Spider Bites and Inventory Alerts are not blocked.

Offering and Inquiry Do Not Email List
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