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Send an Inquiry for Tube

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You can send an inquiry or request for quote (RFQ) for Tube to multiple sellers by email. Your inquiry will be sent as a separate email to each recipient and will include the contact information you provided during registration. Sellers who have Tube that might meet your needs can respond directly to you.

Email Inquiries are only sent to sellers who have signed up to Receive Tube Inquiries. Inquiries are only sent by email to those companies that signed up and are selected by you to receive your Inquiry. Once you send the inquiry, it will be distributed by email and cannot be changed or removed. If you made a significant error or omission in your inquiry, resend a corrected version.

Please use this form to inquire about the availability of specific types and amounts of Tube. This form should not be used for inquiries of a general nature or for advertising purposes.

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Send an Inquiry for Steel
Your Inquiry will be sent as a separate email to selected companies based on the Type of Tube and location where it is needed.

1. Select the Types of Tube in your Inquiry.

Sellers indicate an interest in receiving Inquiries by identifying the types of Tube they deal in.

2. Identify the location where the Tube is needed.

3. Describe your Inquiry

Describe your Tube needs in as much detail as possible.
To copy and paste from another document, try CTRL+x to Cut, CTRL+c to copy and CTRL+v to paste. You can attach a file below that contains further information pertaining to your Inquiry if needed.
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4. Select the Sellers to receive your Inquiry.

The company name of those Sellers who are interested in receiving Inquiries for the types of Tube you identified above are listed. Check the companies that will receive your Inquiry.

5. Attach a File (Optional).

You can attach a Text (.txt), Adobe (.pdf), Excel (.xlsx, .xls or .csv), or Word (.docx or .doc) file to your Inquiry to provide further information about your Inquiry.

6. Send the Inquiry.

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