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Suppliers provide their inventory lists of available coil offerings so we can combine them in a single location. Coil buyers can search through the database of offerings of multiple suppliers to find the coil they are looking for. The supplier's contact information is provided so a buyer can contact the supplier directly. All coil listed is subject to prior sale.

Search our Multi-Supplier Inventory for Coil.

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Data pager
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 9720 items in 324 pages
CompanyTypeThicknessN/MWidthWeightPiecesGradeCtg. Wht.RbCMnPrice $/cwtLocationTag No.
CompanyTypeThicknessN/MWidthWeightPiecesGradeCtg. Wht.RbCMnPrice $/cwtLocationTag No.
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Data pager
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 9720 items in 324 pages
Universal Metals Cold Rolled.007M3517,9101 93 .083 .26 Toledo, OH142396
Description: RB 93 C .083 Mn .26 P .020 FULL HARD
Target Steel Galvanized.0075N49.1874,845  DDS 39 .003 .15 Detroit, MI296440
Description: MIC: .060/.061 Rb: 39 Yld: 23700 Ten: 46100 Elong: 47.45 C: 0.0030 Mn: 0.150 P: 0.004 S: 0.009 Si: 0.004 Al: 0.046 Nb: 0.013
Kahn Steel Co. Galvanized.008 32.753,1901 CSB $23.00 Chicago, IL1052
Description: EXCESS PRIME
Industrial Steel & Fastener Cold Rolled.0098 34.06324,6601 58 $27.95 Detroit, MI 
Description: CQ RB 58 Y 35,200 T 55,800 E 23.8% RUST SPOTS
Industrial Steel & Fastener Cold Rolled.01 2726,6551 FULL HARD $26.95 Chicago Heights, IL 
Description: MIC: .010/.012 CRFH DENTS
Goldin Metals, Inc. Galvalume.01M41.696,0002 From $16.98 cwt Gulfport, MS 
Universal Metals Cold Rolled.011M357,8051 41 .047 .23 Toledo, OH172151
Description: RB 41 C .047 Mn .23 P .006 CQ STAIN
Universal Metals Cold Rolled.011M369,6851 63 .064 .4 Toledo, OH168339
Description: RB 63 C .064 Mn .40 P .006 CQ
MST Steel Galvanized.0114N43.3442,2401 CS-B 54 .09 .51 Roseville, MI88XX6X
Description: MIC: 0.0120/0.0110 RWB=54-55/OLSEN=370 C: 0.0900 Mn: 0.510 P: 0.008 S: 0.008 Si: 0.018 Al: 0.036 Ni: 0.010 Nb: 0.001 CQ G90 NCT BUCKLED OD LAP NO BANDS
Premium Steel Sales Cold Rolled.0118 37.68825,890  1010 68 Hubbard, OH42421
Description: Rb: 68
Industrial Steel & Fastener Cold Rolled.012N35.5619,9501 44 $29.95 Detroit, MI 
Description: RB 44
Premium Steel Sales Galvanized.012 43.8355,180  G30 Cleveland, OH31195
Description: RB OD 39 NCT LIGHT
ACE Steel LLC Galvanized.012M4515,860  62 $45.95 Pittsburgh, PA 
Description: G30, CS-B, RB 62, PRT, DRY
ACE Steel LLC Galvanized.012M4516,380  62 $45.95 Pittsburgh, PA 
Description: G30, CS-B, RB 62, PRT, DRY
ACE Steel LLC Galvanized.012M458,440  59 $45.95 Pittsburgh, PA 
Description: G30, CS-B, RB 59, PRT, DRY
Universal Metals Cold Rolled.012M4910,9101 35 .03 .2 Toledo, OH192178
Description: RB 35 C .030 Mn .20 P .008 CQ
Premium Steel Sales Cold Rolled.0121 15.18713,8004 1008 Hubbard, OH60868
Description: Edge rust
Grand Steel Products, Inc. Cold Rolled.0121N35.86618,4001 C1006CQ 42 Wixom, MI100414
Description: EXCESS Rb: 42 Yld: 32 Ten: 52 Elong: 33 MIC: 0.0122/0.0135
Premium Steel Sales Cold Rolled.0121 37.7517,760  1010 70 Hubbard, OH59612
Description: Rb: 70
Premium Steel Sales Galvanized.0125 325,420  CSB G30 64 Cleveland, OH61342
Description: Clean secondary Rb: 64/68 CT DRY
Premium Steel Sales Galvanized.0125 3210,995  CSB G30 92 Elkhart, IN54133
Description: Clean Secondary Rb: 92 CT OIL
Premium Steel Sales Galvanized.0125 363,920  CSB G30 63 Cleveland, OH57279
Description: Painted white Rb: 63 CT DRY
Premium Steel Sales Galvanized.0125 364,980  CSB G30 68 Cleveland, OH57280
Description: Painted white Rb: 68 CT DRY
Kahn Steel Co. Galvanized.0125 382,0901 GRADE 80 $23.00 Hubbard, OH1015
Description: clean
Premium Steel Sales Galvanized.0127 50.754,480  CSB G30 54 Cleveland, OH60440
Description: Rb: 54 CT DRY
Target Steel Electro Galvanized.0128N71.1258,360  EDDS 26 .005 .09 Detroit, MI324678
Description: GELS MIC: .036/.036 Rb: 26 Yld: 21100 Ten: 42900 Elong: 48.80 C: 0.0050 Mn: 0.090 P: 0.007 S: 0.007 Si: 0.009 Al: 0.031 Nb: 0.001
Grand Steel Products, Inc. Cold Rolled.0129N3615,7101 C1006CQ 47 Gary, IN93689
Description: CLEAN SEC. Rb: 47 MIC: 0.0135/0.0135
MST Steel Galvanized.013N30.259,3601 CS-B 55 .05 .31 Bardstown, KYZ7YX80K
Description: MIC: 0.0130/0.0130 RWB=55-55/OLSEN=420 C: 0.0500 Mn: 0.310 P: 0.011 S: 0.017 Al: 0.040 Cr: 0.010 Ni: 0.030 Nb: 0.000 H014 L013
Universal Metals Cold Rolled.013M3511,4301 48 .036 .16 Toledo, OH191521
Description: RB 48 C .036 Mn .16 P .007 CQ
Universal Metals Galvanized.013M356,5301 G 90 87 Toledo, OH174822
Description: RB 87 SS 80X CT DRY

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