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Add/Edit Your Plate Offerings

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On this page you can add your Plate offerings to the Inventory along with the Plate of other suppliers so that buyers can search for needed Plate. You can also change or remove your Offerings in the Inventory here.

Buyers will receive an email notification of any new Plate offerings added to the Inventory if they have signed up to Receive Plate Offerings for Plate. In Receive Plate Offerings a buyer can specify which Plate Offerings he wants to be notified about by email by specifying type, dimension, weight or distance requirements.

We have provided two methods for adding your Plate Offerings to the searchable Inventory. The first is to add each plate Offering separately. The second involves uploading an Excel file to add multiple Plate Offerings automatically using a layout of your choosing. These methods are briefly described below and described in more detail in the Show Help for this Page link above.

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Add/Edit Your Individual Plate Offerings

To add an individual Plate Offering, form below needs to be filled in and saved. Required fields are outlined in red. If the form is not visible, Click on "+ Add Your Plate to the Multi-Supplier Inventory" below.

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Row NoDeleteEditTypeDimensionsWeightPiecesDescriptionPrice $/cwtLocationTag No.
: Size Dimensions are in inches.
Use decimal numbers or fractions.
Length specify whether feet of inches
Separate terms with an X
Include the Length as the last term
eg. 5/8" X 8 1/2' X 20'
eg. 0.180" X 85" X 248"

Row NoDeleteEditTypeDimensionsWeightPiecesDescriptionPrice $/cwtLocationTag No. 
Page size:
 0 items in 1 pages
You have no Plate in the Inventory. To add Plate click on "+ Add Your Plate to the Multi-Supplier Plate Inventory"
You need to periodically update your Plate offerings to ensure that your Plate being advertised is still available. If you haven't returned to this page to check on your plate for 30 days we will email you a reminder to update your plate or confirm your plate's continued availability. If no confirmation is received, we will remove your plate.

Add/Change/Remove Multiple Plate Offerings - Automatic Data Entry

Some suppliers may find it easier and faster to automate the process of providing your plate offerings. To add your Plate Offerings you upload an Excel file with information describing each Plate on a single row. The uploaded file is processed and automatically added to the Inventory. The Layout of the uploaded file needs to be defined so the site knows where the appropriate information can be found. Our goal if for you to provide a file with a layout that is easiest for you to prepare. We tailor the automation process to handle your layout. A walk-through describing the options for handling Multiple Plate Offerings is provided in Show Help for this Page above. To add, edit or remove your Plate Offerings when you upload subsequent files we remove the Plate from a previous file and replace it with the plate in the current file.

Below is a listing of the files that have been setup to use with the Automatic Data Entry process.

When you upload your plate here, only the plate from your file will be displayed in the grid above so you can edit or delete individual items. A button will appear at the top right of the grid that will let you view and edit all your plate on the site if other methods were used to add Plate to the Inventory.
Select the File that you will be providing. 

Notes applicable to the selected file:

Expected File Layout:
Press Browse and select the file on your computer

Upload the file for processing.

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