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Detailed Information - Coil
Company:Target Steel
Dimensions:0.0330 M X 54.37
Description:MIC: .033/.034 Rb: 59 Yld: 40175 Ten: 56275 Elong: 38.00 C: 0.0020 Mn: 0.410 P: 0.050 S: 0.010 Si: 0.009 Al: 0.067 Nb: 0.010
Location:Detroit, MI
Tag No:487919-S01
Sale Basis: Subject to prior sale.

Contact Information
Target Steel
Target Steel
Michael Simone
Company Phone: 734 789-9700
Fax: 734-789-9797
24601 Vreeland Rd.
Suite 2
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Company Website:
Facility Directory: CoDirView28422.aspx

Company Background:
Sales Staff Directory

Matt Simone - (734) 771-9674
Mikey Simone- (734) 783-2030
Kyle Spink- (517) 745-7069
Nick Taurence- (734) 897-1017
Charles Hendley- (734)783-2017
Jeff Thaxton- (734) 516-1375

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