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Steel Spider
Building Relationships in Excess and Secondary Steel
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About Steel Spider

Companies that added steel to the Inventory in the last week.
Colorado Metals, LLC
Grand Steel Products, Inc.
Industrial Steel & Fastener
Mainline Metals, Inc.
Maksteel Holdings, ULC
Matandy Steel & Metal Products
Pelican Bay Forest Products Steel Div.
Premium Steel Sales
Scott Steel LLC
Target Steel
Triamerica Steel
Universal Metals
Windy City Metals

Multi-Supplier Steel Inventory

Steel Spider combines the lists of available excess and secondary inventory of multiple steel suppliers into a searchable steel inventory. Steel buyers can search for the steel they need. Each supplier's contact information is included with his steel Offering. A buyer can contact and negotiate with the supplier directly. Buyers can receive alerts by email when steel Offerings are added to the multi-supplier steel inventory. The buyer only receives alerts for the types of steel that the buyer is interested in seeing. Buyers can also prepare Inquiries that are emailed to suppliers. Suppliers receive Inquiries only for the types of steel they are interested in. The buyer's contact information is included in the Inquiry so the supplier can respond directly to the buyer.

Steel Spider provides suppliers with a number of options for adding their steel offerings to our searchable steel inventory. A supplier can add each item to our searchable steel inventory individually using a form. If a supplier currently prepares a Excel file describing your steel available for sale or can generate one, we can set up our Automatic Data Entry process to add and keep your steel up to date on multi-supplier inventory. Once the Automatic Data Entry process is set up a supplier can upload the file and Steel Spider will parse the file, remove the steel from the previous file, and add the steel Offerings automatically. The supplier does not need to change the layout of the file from what he is currently using. For some types of steel we provide an Excel File Template for which the Automatic Data Entry process is already set up. A supplier can copy the information about his available inventory using the layout of the Excel File Template and upload his file. His previous steel offerings will be removed and replaced with his current steel offerings automatically.


Buyers can also prepare Inquiries that are emailed to suppliers. Suppliers receive Inquiries only for steel they are interested in. The buyer's contact information is included in the Inquiry so the supplier can respond directly to the buyer.

Company Directory

We have a Company Directory where buyers or suppliers can provide a description of their company. There is no charge to include your company in the Company Directory.

Border Ad

We can provide suppliers a Border Ad that is a company logo that appears randomly on the borders of each page. The logo can be their company logo on their website or a 135px by 135px jpg's or gif's. The Border Ad will link to their Company's website or their Company's information in the Company Directory.


Steel Spider is designed so that buyers and suppliers receive the necessary contact information so they can deal directly with each other. Steel Spider respects the relationship between buyers and suppliers and the confidentiality of their transactions. We display the supplier's contact information with his offering or inventory listing so the buyer can contact the supplier directly. A buyer's contact information is displayed with his Inquiry so the supplier can contact him directly. Buyers and suppliers each determine whether and on what terms they should deal with each other. All negotiations and transactions between the buyer and the supplier occur off-site and without Steel Spider's participation.


We generate revenue from suppliers through listing fees, lead referral fees and advertising fees. We do not charge any commissions. We do not own, buy, sell, trade or broker steel. Buyers use the site for free and there is no initial set-up fee. We charge suppliers a fixed monthly fee as further described in the Pricing Policy. We provide a free trial period to evaluate the features on site.

The Steel Spider website ( is owned and operated by Mountain Hawk Corporation. Mountain Hawk Corp. makes no warranties as to the reliability of any users contacted through this website. Users of this website are solely responsible for determining the fitness of each user they contact. Mountain Hawk Corp. and cannot be held liable for any damages, claims, losses, and/or expenses whatsoever resulting from the use of this website. Steel Spider does not verify that the information provided about any company is accurate or correct and does not endorse any companies.

Companies that sent Email Offerings in the last week.
Breen Steel Inc
Steel Warehouse
Metro Metal Corporation
Loeffel Steel Group
Premium Steel Sales
BCC Steel
Koil Metals

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