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JMS Processing

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JMS Processing
Company Type Processors
Phone 800-866-8645 ext. 191
Fax 870-762-3097
Address 5027 N. County Rd. 1015,
Blytheville, AR 72315
Company Overview
JMS Processing is a Russel Metals Corporation, company. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

JMSP offers steel & processing services, for products, such as: Slit Coil, Precision Blanks, Sheet, and Floor Plate.

We are proud to announce, the recent addition of Stretch Leveling capabilities.

JMSP offers complete packages or toll processing services, only.
Facility Overview
Our facility is located on North County Road 1015 in Blytheville, Arkansas and has three buildings totaling 600,000 square feet.

This ISO 9001:2000 coil processing facility offers world-class slitting, cut-to-length, and high speed multi-blanking operations.

JMS is located ½ mile from the Nucor Steel (Hickman, AR) sheet mill and has rail access on site.
Processing Capabilities
Stamco Slitting Line:
Thick:.020” to .250”
In-Width: 15” to 64” (20” - 30” ID)
In-Weight:60 klbs max
Out-Width: 1" - 60” (20” - 24” ID)
Tolerances: Width +/- .005”

ProEco Slitting Line
Thick: .030” to .250”
In-Width: 18” - 74”
In-Weight: 80 klbs max
Out-Widths: 6” to 72”
Tolerances: Width +/- .005”

Delta Brands Heavy Gauge Slitter
Thick: .179” - .500”
In-Width: 72” max (20” - 30” ID)
In-Weight: 70 klbs max
OD: 80” max
Out-Width: 5” - 71” (24” ID)
Tolerance: Width -0/+ .032”

Red Bud Stretcher Leveling Line
Thick: .040” to .375”
(3/8”-50k max yld, 5/16”-65k max yld, 1/4" & under-100k max yld)
In-Width: 72” max
Out-Length: 360” max
In-Weight: 80klbs max

Red Bud Multi-Blanking Line
Thick: .024” - .135”
In-Width: 11” - 60” (20” to 25” ID)
In-Weight: 60 klbs max
Out-Width: 6” - 60”
Out-Length: 6” - 148”
Tolerances: Width +/- .015” Length +/- .015”

Delta Brands Cut-to-Length Line
Thickness: .054” -.500”
In-Width: 36” - 72” (20” to 30” ID)
Out Lengths: 60” - 480”
In-Weight: 60 klbs max

Note: Please, inquire if you have requirements outside these capabilities.
Equipment Description
1 - Light Gauge Slitter.
2 - Heavy Gauge Slitters.
1 - Precision Blanking Line.
1 - Heavy Gauge, Cut-to-Length, Leveling line.
1 - Stretch Leveling / Cut-to-Length line.
Additional Information
Material can be processed, stenciled, tagged, and packaged to your specifications. JMS has the people, the equipment and the inventory to meet all of your coil processing needs.

You can rely on our qualified staff to handle all of your special requirements.

We add value to your product by providing just-in-time processing to keep your schedule running smoothly.

Our competitive pricing and precise processing will guarantee you are receiving.... QUALITY PRODUCTS and SERVICE
Carbon Steel Products Handled
Cold Rolled Sheet, Strip and Coil Hot Rolled Sheet, Strip, and Coil
Alloy Steel Products Handled
Cold Rolled Sheet, Strip and Coil Hot Rolled Sheet, Strip, and Coil
Processing Capabilities
Cut-to-Length Slitting
Toll Processing
Coil Limits for this Facility
Maximum Coil Weight 80,000
Maximum Outside Diameter 84
Minimum Outside Diameter 32
Maximum Coil Eye Diameter 30
Minimum Coil Eye Diameter 20
Maximum Gauge .500
Minimum Gauge .020
Maximum Coil Width 72
Minimum Coil Width 11
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