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Steel Spider
Building Relationships in Excess and Secondary Steel

Outside Processors - Toll Processors

Steel Spider has a searchable inventory that contains steel from over 200 companies. A search produces a list of steel matching the buyer's requirements. When a user clicks on the company name for an item, we display detailed information about the item as well as the information needed to contact the supplier. To provide steel buyers with information about companies that can provide Outside Processing and other services, we identify Outside Processors physically located near the steel they are considering buying.

At the bottom of the page that shows detailed information about an item of steel we display banner ads describing companies near to where the steel is located that are providing processing and other services. The companies displayed are the five whose facilities are located nearest to where the steel item is physically located. The banner contains a company logo, company address, contact information and three short lines to briefly describe the company's capabilities.

If any Outside Processor would like to have a banner for their company's facilities displayed in this section or have any questions either give me a call (412-963-6180) or send me an email (info@steelspider.com). There is no charge to have your company included.

Outside Processors can add their company to the Facility Directory. Register and go to Add or Change your Facility Info in the Facility Directory under Personalize and describe your company. In addition to basic contact information you can describe the processing services you perform. There is no charge to include your company in the Facility Directory.

The following Toll Processors are using this service.
Edge Trim, Inspect, Rewind, Slit, Split, Warehouse

All Metals Service and Warehousing
100 All Metals Drive
Cartersville, GA 30120
Edward Panek
Ph: 864-574-8050 Ext. 223
Fax: 864-327-0120
All Metals Service and Warehousing
Blank, Edge Trim, Inspect, Package, Rewind
Schlear, Slit, Split, Warehouse

All Metals Service and Warehousing
115 Coastline Road
Spartanburg, SC 29301
Edward Panek
Ph: 864-574-8050 Ext. 223
Fax: 864-327-0120
All Metals Service and Warehousing
Processors of Sheet, Plate, and Slit from Coil. Heavy Gauge Coil Slitting
Material Width up to 77" Thickness Range: .060" - .375"
5 Leveling Lines with Herr Voss Corrective Levelers

American Metal Processing Company, LLC
17001 Saranac Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44110
Jason Lynch
Ph: 216-486-4600
Fax: (216) 486-3767
American Metal Processing Company, LLC
32,000 sq. ft. facility with truck and rail access (near I-75, US-23, I-80)
ARCCO Processes: Wash/Dry, Wash/Brush & Coat (w/ oil or dry film)
.010-.100, 11”-70”, 50,000# Max ISO 9001-2008 Certified

American Roll Coating & Cleaning Co., Llc (Arcco)
222 Lavoy Road
Erie, MI 48133
Ms. Kelly Effler
Ph: 734-847-7773
Fax: 734-847-8969
American Roll Coating & Cleaning Co., Llc (Arcco)
We specialize in cutting, polishing, shearing and gauering
stainless steel from 24ga up to ½ thick. We also cut to length
aluminum, galvanized, painted metals and coated carbon.

Amerinox Processing
2201 Mt Ephraim Ave Building 90
Camden, NJ 08104
Chris Fagan
Ph: 856-963-3200 ext 18
Fax: 856-963-3223
Amerinox Processing
Midwest Facility Opening – Gary, IN
TOLL processor/logistics
.015-.1875 (up to .3125 inquire)

Andes Coil Processors Llc
201 Mississippi St.
Gary, IN 46402
Lori Melvin
Ph: 219-886-0281
Fax: 219-886-3337
Andes Coil Processors Llc
20,000 sq ft heated warehouse with 4 cranes 5 to 25 ton.
State of the Art computer system. Established quality systems.
ISO 9001:2000 registered. 72" Iowa Precision Slear 48" Shear

AutoSteel, Inc.
33900 Doreka Drive
Fraser, MI 48026
Warren Damman
Ph: 586 585-5200
Fax: 586 435-0517
AutoSteel, Inc.
Chicago Steel warehouses, slits, tension levels and cleans and dries coiled steel products.
340,000 Square Foot temperature controlled storage and processing facility.
tension level - .010 min through .125" max gauge in widths ranging from 18" through 72"

Chicago Steel
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
William Boak
Ph: 800 367-8110
Fax: 219 977-4289
Chicago Steel
150,00 sq ft facility in Northwest Ohio since 1963.
Herr-Voss precision level lines & shears.
22g thru 1/2” x 73.5 max width. ISO 9000:2001 certified

Ciralsky Steel
1640 Prosperity Road
Toledo, OH 43612
Kevin Friedman
Ph: 419-470-1328
Fax: 419-470-1483
Ciralsky Steel
Coil :CRS/Galv, EG Surface Critical, Prepaint, HRPO
72" Slitting Line with Packaging Line, .008 - .1875
Rail and Storage capabilities. JIT Delivery

Coilplus TX
6610 Railway
san Antonio, TX 78244
Jennifer Willson
Ph: 210-824-2486
Fax: 210-824-7089
Coilplus TX
Slitting, Cut To Length, Edging and Warehousing
36" - 5/16" max slitter, 72" - 1/4" max slitter
72" - 1/4" max - Cut to Length, 6" x .220 - Tishken Edging Lines

Collier Metals LLC
793 Windsor Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30315
Jim Collier
Ph: 404 522-2404
Fax: 404 522-2406
Collier Metals LLC
Colonial Metal Products operates two Braner Slitting Lines.
Our technology assures that you receive tightly wound coils
that meet your specifications to efficiently produce your product.

Colonial Metal Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 415
Wheatland, PA 16161
Will Thomas
Ph: (724) 346-5550
Fax: (724) 346-5559
Colonial Metal Products, Inc.
Decades of metallurgic and stamping experience, Continental Metals Inc.
60" PRO ECO Slitter - Gauges: .014-.150 - Slit Widths: .75-60"
60" B&K slitter - Gauges:.070-.375 - Slit Widths:1.125"-60"

Continental Metal Processing, Llc.
19800 Gibraltar Rd.
Gibraltar, MI 48182
Jamie Rego
Ph: 734-362-1144
Fax: 734-362-1155
Continental Metal Processing, Llc.
Our state of the art equipment allows us to slit material
from .008 through .135 inches in thickness with
tempers ranging from DDAK through CQ to Full Hard.

Crystal Steel Corporation
50 Log Bridge Rd.
Middleton, MA 01949
Patrick O'Leary
Ph: 978-774-9988
Fax: 978-774-3171
Crystal Steel Corporation
Class I climate controlled warehouse/automotive distribution center
Rail served; Full EDI
Domestic and export packaging

Dearborn Steel Center, Inc.
6837 Wyoming Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48126
Jerome Hack
Ph: 313-586-8237
Fax: 313-584-6350
Dearborn Steel Center, Inc.
Largest toll processor of flat rolled in the South
including slit, level, warehouse and in-house transportation.
Slitting: .054 - .625" thick x 2"/72" wide

38 County Road 370
Iuka, MS 38852
Cheri Franklin
Ph: 662-424-0115
Fax: 662-424-0311
Five multiple head polishing and coating lines along
with a 72" wide cut to length multi blanking line as
well as coil press and sheet blanking capabilities.

Flat Rock Metal
26601 W. Huron River Dr.
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Mr. Keith King
Ph: (734) 782 - 4454
Fax: (734) 782 - 4773
Flat Rock Metal
Goldin's latest High-Performance Shape-Correction Slitting Line has the capacity
to Slit and Shape-Correct 60,000# of Galvanized, Galvalume, Pre-Painted, Cold Rolled,
HRP&O, and Stainless coil; in gauges from .008" through .135".

Goldin Metals, Inc.
14231 Seaway Road, Suite 7000
Gulfport, MS 39503
Ms. Brandy Stiles
Ph: (228) 575-7736
Fax: (228) 575-9969
Goldin Metals, Inc.
Greenpoint Metals (GPM) supplies high quality slit steel products.
GPM's 150,000 sq.-ft. climate-controlled facility
houses two 72" slitters for slitting gauges from .015 to .250.

Greenpoint Metals, Inc.
301 Shotwell Drive
Franklin, OH 45005
Melinda Robinson
Ph: 937-743-4075
Fax: 937-743-4098
Greenpoint Metals, Inc.
Corrective Level, Flatten, Edge Condition, Slit, Split,
Edge Trim, Shot blast (gauge .090-.500; width 4”–75” max)
Rail access, short lead times, storage

Hagerty Steel & Aluminum
601 N. Main Street
East Peoria, IL 61611
Amy Trotter
Ph: 309-698-4263
Fax: 309 698-3149
Hagerty Steel & Aluminum
Our state-of-the-art slitting and packaging equipment can
meet critical processing requirements.
.010" to .150" thickness range

Harvard Coil Processing
5400 Harvard Ave.
Cleveland OH 44105
Cindi DiSiena
Ph: 216-883-6366
Fax: 216-883-0303
Harvard Coil Processing
We start slitting where most distributors stop.
18" and 36" slitters. - .003 through .080 carbon and .003 through .050 stainless
From .200" wide and on very unique ID's from 2" through the standard 16" to 24".

J & J Metal Processing
2451 American Lane
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Kevin Blouin
Ph: 847-595-2965
Fax: 847-595-3043
J & J Metal Processing
Kennedy features a 60" 45,000# max coil .008-.250 slit capabilities
along with 2 Cut to Length Lines for heavy and light gauge.
We are conveniently located midway between Pittsburgh, Pa and Cleveland, Ohio.

Kennedy LLC Steel Processing and Storage
101 Andrews Ave
Youngstown, Ohio 44501
Arick Martin
Ph: 412-908-0708
Fax: 412-563-1569
Kennedy LLC Steel Processing and Storage
Tension Leveling, Elostrostic Oiling, X-Ray Gauging, Edge Trimming
Rail Service, Coil Over and Under-winding
Gauges: .030-.375

Kenwal Pickling LLC
8223 W. Warren Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126
Michael McGuire
Ph: 313-739-1065
Fax: 313-739-2365
Kenwal Pickling LLC
Lane Steel is a full service flat rolled products Service Center
specializing in Galvanized, Galvalume, Painted, Cold Roll, Galvalume,
Painted, Cold Roll, Hot Roll and HRP&O coils, slit coils, sheets and blanks.

Lane Steel Co.
4 River Road
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Shelley Tate
Ph: 412 777 1700
Fax: 412 777 1709
Lane Steel Co.
Leveltek Processing for Stretcher Leveling, Trimming, Cut-to-length and Storage
The Leveltek stretch leveling process - Uncoiling, Stretching, Leveling and Re-coiling.
Maximum Coil Width 96” - Maximum Coil Thickness .500”

Leveltek Processing LLC
748 McMechen Street
Benwood, WV 26031
Amy Jo Dieffenbauch
Ph: 304-232-8530
Fax: 304-232-8536
Leveltek Processing LLC
Leveltek Processing for Cut-to-length, Slitting, Storage
Stretcher leveling and multi-blanking.
60" Width Maximum - 72" Coil O.D. Maximum - 44,000# Maximum Weight

Leveltek Processing LLC
3236 N. State Road 39
Laporte, IN 46350
Amy Jo Dieffenbauch
Ph: 304-232-8530
Fax: 304-232-8536
Leveltek Processing LLC
70,000 square feet to meet your processing and storage needs.
Two slitters that can process material thickness from .020 to .250 gauge
up to 80,000# coils and 84" in width.

Liberty Steel Processing Corp.
11070 Harper Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48213
Steve Hecht
Ph: (313) 924 - 0601
Fax: (313) 924 - 0738
Liberty Steel Processing Corp.
Magic Coil Products, LLC is a Midwest Steel Processing and Service Center located on campus with Steel Dynamics.
State of the art Samuel Strapping Packaging Line
60" Braner Slitter - 72" Braner Slitter

Magic Coil Products
4143 Cr 61
Butler, IN 46721
Cheryl Barrera
Ph: 260-868-6181
Magic Coil Products
Capabilities: .008 – 3/16”. 50,000# max coil weight.
60” Braner Slitter, 60” Pro-Eco Slitter (dual head)
40,000 Square Feet

Mainline Processing, Inc.
5550 E. State Hwy 137
Blytheville, AR 72315
Don Cocke
Ph: 870-763-3000
Fax: 870-763-3008
Mainline Processing, Inc.
Light to heavy (3/8") gauge slitting, edge conditioning and cut-to-length.
Slitting - .50" - 32" Wide. .018" - .400" Thick
Edging - .50" - 18" Wide .018" - .250" Thick

MD Metals
6499 W. 65Th St., Unit B
Bedford Park, IL 60638
Bryan Proven
Ph: 708 728 0005
Fax: 708 728 9911
MD Metals
MPC is a total solutions processor/logistics supplier.
With rail access and 300,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space,
we provide high quality slit coil and cut sheet to your specifications.

Metal Processing Corp.
201 Mississippi Street
Gary, IN 46402
Dave Ackerman
Ph: (219) 883-5722
Fax: (219) 883-5027
Metal Processing Corp.
Material processing is available for steel coil products ranging
from 30 gage to 10 gage in thickness and can level master
coils up to 60 inches wide and 30,000 lbs in various material grades.

Mission Metals
1255 Railroad Street
Corona, CA 92882
Jeff Veen
Ph: 951-371-3535
Fax: 951-371-3311
Mission Metals
We perform the following services: slitting, shearing,
precision metal blanking, storage, toll slitting, leveling, cold reduction, and edging.
and edging.

Oak Steel / Acorn Metal
6601 W. 99Th Place
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Ken Linderborg
Ph: 708 499 5300
Fax: 708 499 6530
Oak Steel / Acorn Metal
TS/ISO certified slitting processor for flat rolled products.
Warehousing capabilities. Truck fleet for local pick up & delivery.
Slitting, edge trim, inspect, rewind, split, ID cores.

Ohio Kentucky Steel
2001 Commerce Center Dr.
Franklin, OH 45005
Chris Fiora
Ph: 937 743 4600 ext 32
Fax: 937 743 4605
Ohio Kentucky Steel
Coating: Pickle & Oil, Pickle Dry & Dry Lube
Slitting: From .026 to .375. Max. Width 72".
Rail services; Full EDI; 14 Acres of Indoor and Outdoor Storage.

Ohio Pickling and Processing
1149 Campbell Street
Toledo, OH 43607
Mary Jo Vella
Ph: 419 241-9601
Fax: 419 241-9635
Ohio Pickling and Processing
OSS works primarily with low carbon steel including cold rolled, hot rolled pickled and coated steel.
Coil thickness ranges from .015" to .250", in widths from .80" to 72". Direct rail service is also available.
Our storage is climate controlled with 60,000 sq. ft. of production space and 65,000 sq. ft. of storage.

Ohio Slitting & Storage (OSS)
7000 N. Main St.
Camden, OH 45311
Melinda Robinson
Ph: 937-452-1108
Fax: 937-452-1227
Ohio Slitting & Storage (OSS)
Slit, Blank, Cut to Length

Pacesetter Steel Service
1100 Shallowford Road
Marietta, GA 30066
KV Kumar
Ph: 678.269.3346
Fax: 678.581.8844
Pacesetter Steel Service
Slit, Blank, Cut to Length, Punch

Pacesetter Steel Service
22351 Joshua Dr.
Sauk Village, IL 60411
KV Kumar
Ph: 678.269.3346
Fax: 678.581.8844
Pacesetter Steel Service
Slit, Cut to Length

Pacesetter Steel Service
12247A FM529
Houston, TX 77041
KV Kumar
Ph: 678.269.3346
Fax: 678.581.8844
Pacesetter Steel Service
Slitting, Cut-to-length, Shear, Lab testing
Two plants totaling 244,000 sq ft
NS/CSX rail service at both sites

Paragon Steel
4211 County Road 61
Butler, IN 46721
Jamie M. Rolison
Ph: (260) 868-1109
Fax: (260) 868-1139
Paragon Steel
We have a 43,750 Sq. Ft. steel structure heated building. We have two cranes with up to 40 ton capabilities.
We have cut coils from 24” to 73”. We have successfully leveled material from 0.057 to 0.375.
Our stacker will easily handle 30’ sheets, and we have cut sheets as long as53'. We have produced sheets as short as 32”.

Pinnacle Steel Processing
7900 St. Rt. 109
Delta, Ohio 43515
Max Stough
Ph: 419-822-9800
Fax: 419-822-9801
Pinnacle Steel Processing
Precise Metal Products
Slitting: From .017 to .120. Max. Width 27". 10,000# Max
Reducing Mill - 5" width - from .017 to .118

Precise Metal Products
37025 Industrial Road
Livonia, MI 48150
Patricia Sassine
Ph: 734-591-1500
Fax: 734-591-1580
Precise Metal Products
48" Slitter, 36" Slitter, 7" Four High Rolling Mill,
Cut To Length, Blanking, Maintaining Inventory,
Trading, Storage/Toll Processing Programs.

Primary Steel and Processing Inc.
24534 Groesbeck Hwy.
Warren, MI 48089
Justin Comstock
Ph: 586 552.8032
Fax: 586 552.8295
Primary Steel and Processing Inc.
Security Steel is a Processor of Steel and other metals.
Slitting on a 24" slitter down to .450 wide from .060" to .320".
Coil edge and cut to length up to 8" wide.

Security Steel Processing
12211 Coyle
Detroit, MI 48227
Cory Buckalew
Ph: 313-835-4330
Fax: 313-835-8127
Security Steel Processing
small shop with rolling mill and slitter
slitter, 8" cluster rolling mill, forklift to warehouse

Slit Strip Rolling
30-C Hayden Ave.
Plainville, CT 06062
Mr. Brian Smith
Ph: 203-206-0027
Slit Strip Rolling
Slit and store steel
48.000" slitter cut from .500 to 50.000"
ga from .015 to .150 20/24 ID - 32,000# max on slitter

Smith Brothers Slitting
14001 Intervale
Detroit, MI 48227
Ronald Perkins
Ph: 313-835-5332
Fax: 313-835-5374
Smith Brothers Slitting
Your source for Toll Conversion of Hot Roll to Cold Roll, FHCR to CQ, and Spheroidize Annealing
Input gages from .180” to .047” / output gauges from .095” to .015”
Call SRH for all of your toll conversion needs

Steel Rolling Holdings, Inc.
28000 West Jefferson Avenue
Gibraltar, MI 48173
Joe Vella
Ph: 734.561.2011
Fax: 734.676.6048
Steel Rolling Holdings, Inc.
Target Steel - superior, full line steel service center in Michigan.
With over 25,000 square feet of facility and storage, you
can feel confident your material will be handled with care.

Target Steel
24601 Vreeland Rd.
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Brad Bishop
Ph: 734-789-9700
Fax: 734-789-9797
Target Steel
Specializing in slitting narrow coils, large and small OD's, and small orders,
pup coils, drop cuts, side cuts, rewinding, breaking OD's, reverse winding, Ect.
Slitting and shearing Rewinding and breaking OD's special packaging.

T-loh Steel Processing, LLC.
276 Al. Hwy. 69 N.
Cullman, AL 35055
James Holt
Ph: 256 739-0991
Fax: 256 739-0651
T-loh Steel Processing, LLC.
Toll processing of all carbon steel products
Slear(.024-.207 x 5"min / 8 mults x 12"-144") x 12"-144"
Slitter (.024-.265 x 72") Trap Line (.020-.090) x 72"

Torch Steel Processing
8103 Lynch Rd
Detroit, MI 48234
Ed Bishop
Ph: 313-571-7000
Fax: (313) 571-0014
Torch Steel Processing
4 slitting lines gauge range .010"-.50" slit widths from .75" - 72"
Overhead crane capacity 30 ton ISO 9001 Certified
Climate Control Warehouse In House Company trucking

United Steel Service
4500 Parkway Rd.
Brookfield, Ohio 44403
Jason Kane
Ph: (330) 448 - 1783
Fax: (330) 448 - 2702
United Steel Service
24" 4 High Cold Reversing Mill for close gauge tolerance strip, shape control and finish.
Additional processing capabilities: Annealing and slitting.
Gauge Range: .015-.185 Grade: CS - c1095 and alloy grades

4809 Tod Avenue
East Chicago, IN 46312
Doug Labuda
Ph: 216-524-4400
Fax: 216-524-4494
Processing and inspection of a full range of
carbon and stainless coil products:
Slit, Trim, Recoil, Inspect, Warehouse

Value Added Processing
760 Braddock Ave.
East Pittsburgh, PA 15112
Mike Tutoki
Ph: 412 825 0800
Fax: 412 829 2466
Value Added Processing
Blank, Dry Lube, Inspect, Pickle, Slit, Tension Level, Wash

VOSS Clark
701 Loop Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Tim Bilkey
Ph: 812-285-7700
Fax: 812-285-7704
VOSS Clark
Inspect, Pickle, Slit and Tension Level

VOSS Taylor
7925 Beech Daly Road
Taylor, MI 48180
Dave Detzel
Ph: 313-291-7500
Fax: 313-291-7504
VOSS Taylor
Steel Sales and Processing
Can Process Coils up to 43,000#, 60" max, .012 - .085.

West Steel Processing, Inc.
101 W. Laurel Street
Seymour, IN 47274
Dusty West
Ph: 812 524-1540
Fax: 812 524-1535
West Steel Processing, Inc.
Xcel Steel Processing (Toll Processor)
Pickling .045 - .500 Thick X 17” – 73” Wide X-Ray Gauge, Width Chart, Rail Service
Slitting .028 - .500 Thick X 72’ Wide CR, GALV, HRPO, HRBK

Xcel Steel Processing
4343 Wyoming
Dearborn MI, 48126
Mike Evkoski
Ph: 313-846-0442
Fax: 313-846-5933
Xcel Steel Processing

P. S. Data Services Block Steel Corp JM Steel Corp. Target Steel Phoenix Steel Service Goldin Metals, Inc. Kenwal Steel Corporation J.D. Steel Products Loeffel Steel Products KLB Steel